cafe gyutto-Roasted-Coffee


Please enjoy and grind 


coffee beans on your own.

Okinawa made tea leaf

"Kanigawa Tea"

Please enjoy a flavor of Okinawa.

Okinawa fruit "Shikuwasa" soda

Hot "shikuwasa"


Blended coffee

Cafe au lait

Milk cocoa


Orange juice


Coffee float

Cocoa float

Shikuwasa soda float

Vanilla ice cream

Fruit shaved ice

"Zenzai" shaved ice

Fruit & zenzai shaved ice

"Beniimo" & "Sikuwasa" pound cake

Okinawa-style brown sugar filled crepe

Roast pork and rice with vegetables and poached egg.

Noodles in clear soup with vegetables 

and small roast pork rice bowl.

Noodles in clear soup with roast pork

and small kimchi rice bowl.

"Shinkansen" lunch for children

Operation of a railroad model

500 yen 20-minute